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Abundance of broad bacterial Taxa in the Sargasso Sea explained by environmental conditions but not water mass
Sjöstedt, Johanna; Martiny, Jennifer Bellanca Hughes; Munk, Peter; Riemann, Lasse
Applied and Environmental Microbiology, Vol. 80, No. 9, 2014, p. 2786-2795

A comparative analysis of legislated and modified Baltic Sea trawlcodends for simultaneously improving the size selection of cod (Gadus morhua) and plaice (Pleuronectes platessa)
Wienbeck, Harald; Herrmann, Bent; Feekings, Jordan P.; Stepputtis, Daniel ; Moderhaak, Waldemar
Fisheries Research, Vol. 150, 2014, p. 28-37

Acoustic alarms reduce bycatch of harbour porpoises in Danish North Sea gillnet fisheries
Larsen, Finn; Eigaard, Ole Ritzau
Fisheries Research, Vol. 153, 2014, p. 108-112 

Åleudsætning i Karrebæk Fjord viser flotte resultater
Christoffersen, Mads
Danske Fritidsfiskere, No. 1, 2014, p. 8-9

A life-history evaluation of the impact of maternal effects on recruitment and fisheries reference points
Calduch-Verdiell, Núria; MacKenzie, Brian R.; Vaupel, James W.; Andersen, Ken Haste
Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, Vol. 71, No. 7, 2014, p. 1113-1120

A model for the description of feeding regulation by mesozooplankton under different conditions of temperature and prey nutritional status
Acheampong, Emmanuel; Acheampong, Emmanuel; Hense, Inga; St. John, Michael A.
Ecological Modelling, Vol. 272, 2014, p. 84-97

Analysis of self-overlap reveals trade-offs in plankton swimming trajectories
Mariani, Patrizio; Visser, Andre W.; Mazzocchi, Maria Grazia; Pigolotti, Simone; Bianco, Giuseppe
Journal of the Royal Society Interface, Vol. 11, No. 96, 20140164, 2014 

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