Cruise plan and research vessel

The cruise plan 

  • •28 February: Departure from Hirtshals, Denmark.
  • 14 March: Arrival in Bermuda, where participants will board.
  • 15 March-6 April: First period of fieldwork starting from and returning to Bermuda. About half of the work will take place in the Bermuda Triangle.
  • 7-22 April: Second period of fieldwork from Bermuda to the Azores.
  • 23 April-5 May: Third period of fieldwork, where after Dana returns to Hirtshals. During the home voyage, researchers will take samples and fish for eel juveniles to chart their return route to Europe.

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Dana's route in the Sargasso Sea, Eel Expedition 2014
Dana's route in the Sargasso Sea, Eel Expedition 2014.

The research vessel Dana

DTU’s principal marine research vessel Dana has been chosen for the Eel Expedition 2014. Dana is Denmark’s largest marine research vessel and the only ocean-going Danish research ship. Dana is 78 metres long, with a draught of 5.7 metres.

The ship was built in 1980-81 at Dannebrog Shipyard in Aarhus and con-structed specifically for marine research.

On board, there are five wet and dry laboratories equipped with a wide range of scientific instruments. In addition, Dana features a comprehensive range of equipment for trawling and water and seabed sampling. The vessel can accommodate 38 people, in-cluding a crew of 12–15. 

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