Long-line farm unit for seaweed. Photo: Danish Shellfish Centre

Facilities for coastal ecology research, Nykøbing Mors

DTU Aqua has access to facilities on land and in the Limfjorden aimed at research in the production of shellfish and seaweed.

DTU Aqua has over 3800 m2 of buildings and land at the closed Morsø Shipyard at Ørodde in Nykøbing Mors. 

The facilities cover:

  • Hatchery of 750 m2 for the production of European flat oysters, European lobster, macroalgae, microalgae and bivalves in commercial scale but also for experiments.
  • Nursery of 400 m2 for grow out of European flat oyster and macroalgae.
  • Raceways for production and experimental setup.
  • Two experimental grow-out facility in Limfjorden for oysters, mussels and seaweed  (7 and 15 ha).
  • Two platforms of 150 m2 each for grow out.
  • Algae greenhouse.
  • Laboratory (250 m2).
  • Boats (22-31 feet) and farming equipment for working on the fjord.
  • Office facilities.
  • Conference and meeting rooms.
  • Rooms for accommodation of researchers, students, and guests.

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Research in coastal ecology

DTU Aqua conducts research in the structure and function of coastal ecosystems and habitats ranging from nutrients dynamics to the coastal zone as a production area of both fish, mussels and seaweed.
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Camille Fanny Charlotte Saurel
Senior Researcher
DTU Aqua
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