Field work. Photo: Line Reeh


It is possible to do bachelor studies with DTU Aqua although we do not offer a complete bachelors programme

Bachelor courses

At present we offer three bachelor courses that can also be used as introduction to our MSc programme in Aquatic Science & Engineering:

In addition we offer projects in this course:

BSc in General Engineering

DTU Aqua contribute to the new international BSc programme in General Engineering which was offered for the first time in September 2016. The programme offers four specializations, and DTU Aqua primarily contributes to the specialization in Living Systems.
Learn more about the BSc in General Engineering 

Master courses - also for bachelor students

It is also possible to take our individual master courses as part of many bachelor degrees. 
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Bachelor projects

DTU Aqua offers a number of bachelor projects.
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You are welcome to contact one of our teachers and make further arrangements.
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MSc in Aquatic Science and Technology

The MSc programme in Aquatic Science and Technology focuses on aquaculture, fisheries, oceanography, and the management of aquatic resources.

The programme addresses the challenges associated with sustainable fisheries and aquaculture as well as maintenance of healthy ecosystems under changing environment. 

Find out more about the masters programme Aquatic Science and Technology at DTU


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