Mark Payne

Mark Payne

Senior Researcher

National Institute of Aquatic Resources

Section for Oceans and Arctic

Technical University of Denmark


Building 201, room 158

2800 Kgs. Lyngby

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Sea. Photo: Helle Falborg.
03 SEP

Marine ecological forecasts are a new tool for climate adaptation

DTU researcher develops short-term forecasts for marine life that can help the fishing industry to adapt to climate change.

Fisheries and fish stocks Marine research Climate change
12 FEB

Climate change-induced shifts in the distribution of plankton alter the global carbon cycle

Changes in the distribution of zooplankton in the North Atlantic during the past 55 years has led to major changes in the biological carbon pump.

Strand i Nordsjælland. Foto Helle Sørensen
19 SEP

The sea around Denmark hit by marine heat waves

Up to eight degrees warmer waters than normal. This was how much the hot weather affected the sea during the summer, according to calculations from DTU Aqua.

Marine research Climate adaption Climate change Ecosystems
Photo: Christian Skov
15 MAY

Anglers supply data for climate research

Researchers have developed a garfish barometer, on which anglers can follow garfish fishing and contribute to climate research.

Fisheries and fish stocks Climate adaption
Photo: Christian Skov
15 MAY

Anglers supply data for climate research

Researchers have developed a garfish barometer, on which anglers can follow garfish fishing and contribute to climate research.

Forecast spawning habitat for blue whiting in March 2018. The colour scale corresponds to the probability of observing blue whiting larvae in a single haul performed by the Continuous Plankton Recorder: probabilities > 0.4 can be considered as the core spawning habitat. The isohalines defining the suitable salinity window (35.3 - 35.5) at spawning depth are marked with a blue contour line. The 500m and 2000m isobaths are added for reference.
17 JAN

Blue Whiting joins the Fishforecast family

As the first full forecast product with regular planned updates, the addition of predictions of blue whiting spawning habitat several months into the future represents an important step forward for the Fishforecast suite of products.

Map of known marine ecological forecast products
21 SEP

Can we predict biology? New article shows that we are doing it already.

A new article published today provides an overview of the current state of marine ecological forecasting.

05 APR

Life history strategies of the European Seas fish communities

What are the spatial patterns of fish life history strategies in the European Seas and what are their main drivers?

14 FEB

New data paper on marine copepod traits

We compiled data to understand the ecology of marine copepods based on their fundamental traits, such as body size or growth rate, rather than based on species names. 

10 JAN

Better long-term forecast systems for the increasingly extreme weather

DTU Aqua is part of the ‘blue-action’-project aiming to help communities and businesses cope with the impacts of dramatic Arctic climate changes

Fisheries and fish stocks Marine research Climate change Polar research
24 OCT

Ocean life article discussed on

A popular article discusses the findings of the recently published paper “Trait biogeography of marine copepods - an analysis across scales” by Brun, Payne and Kiørboe on

11 OCT

New paper on trait biogeography of marine copepods

We have produced the first ever global maps of key traits of copepods, the dominant group of zooplankton, by combining geo-located observations of hundreds of taxa that have been made throughout the past century with trait data compiled from the literature. 

An artists conception of bluefin tuna feeding on mackerel in waters east of Greenland - recent work by DTU Aqua scientists has highlighted the unprecedented expansion of this species into these waters and work to be presented at the ICES conference will show these shifts to have been predictable". Illustration by G. Gorick.
16 SEP

Long-term forecasting in the making

Senior Researcher Mark Payne, DTU Aqua will chair new ICES Working Group on Seasonal-to-Decadal Prediction of Marine Ecosystems

Fisheries and fish stocks Marine research
21 APR

Nature News Feature quotes Ocean Life tuna research

Ocean Life research on climate impacts on fish distributions has been quoted in the latest issue of Nature in a "News Feature" article about Greenland's future.  

04 APR

How reliable are predictions of future plankton distributions? A new paper offers surprising insight

We find the reliability of predictions of distributional shifts of plankton made by commonly used ‘species distribution models’ to be worse than is commonly appreciated.
24 FEBRUARY 2020