Autonomous systems testing. Photo: Mikal Schlosser and DTU Elektro

Facilities for testing of observation technology, Lyngby

Autonomous Systems Test Arena

DTU Aqua has access to an arena for developing and testing surface and underwater robots.The Autonomous Systems Test Arena (ASTA) offers a world-class infrastructure for testing innovations and develop new knowledge for autonomous systems.

ASTA is the world largest indoor infrastructure (40 x 24 x 14 m) for testing mobile robot technology on land, in air, and under water and consists of a pool for underwater technologies, a 3D motion capture and tracking system and a range of robotic systems for ground, aerial and underwater operations.

Autonomous Systems Test Arena is a facility in the DTU Centre for Collaborative Autonomous Systems and is located at DTU Lyngby Campus.

Fleet of remotely operated vehicles

DTU Aqua maintains and operates a small fleet of different inspection classes remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). These platforms are used in support of teaching and research activities and complement modern acoustic, optical and chemical sensors enabling automation in coastal and open ocean monitoring operations.


Research in observation technology

DTU Aqua develops and applies novel systems for the acquisition, storage, processing and interpretation of ocean data to support research, advice, teaching and innovation.
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