Smaller research vessels

DTU Aqua has a range of smaller research vessels for sampling at sea and in lakes and streams


Havfisken is essentially a modern commercial steel fishing vessel equipped for research and monitoring in coastal areas. The vessel is also used for teaching of e.g. master students at the MSc programme in Aquatic Science and Technology and as a test platform for DTU Aqua's research into observation technology. 

On board Havfisken, the large cargo hold typical for fishing boats is substituted by a large laboratory for the processing of fish and other biological samples, as well as a mess room and a galley. The laboratory is equipped with a conveyor belt, several balances and work stations for fish processing, as well as a fume hood, e.g. for handling and preserving of plankton samples. Furthermore there is a spacious freezer room.

Havfisken, which was built at Vestværftet in Hvide Sande in 2015, is 17 meters long and weighs 105 tonnes. It is equipped for trawl fishing with two net drums, allowing easy shifting between different trawls. Furthermore, the vessel can be used for other purposes, e.g. oceanographic research and environmental monitoring. At the aft, Havfisken has a large A-frame, and there is also a crane and several winches for handling of various scientific equipment, e.g. video camera, ROV's (remotely operated vehicles), different types of plankton nets and acoustic gear.

Havfisken can accommodate eight persons, including two crew members, as it has four two-berth cabins. On day trips there is room for up to 12 passengers.

The home port of Havfisken is Strandby in Northern Jutland.

Other smaller vessels

Apart from Havfisken, DTU Aqua has a range of small vessels for surveys in coastal areas and fjords. The vessels have home port in Copenhagen and in Nykøbing Mors at Limfjorden.
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Furthermore, DTU Aqua in Silkeborg has some dinghies for sampling in lakes and streams.