PhD theses

On average, about 12 PhD students graduate from DTU Aqua's PhD school every year. Their theses are listed below.


Johanna S. Kottmann
Egg Quality and Offspring Performance in European Eel
Defended 29 April 2020

Ciaran McLaverty
Effects of chronic bottom trawling on benthic macrofaunal communities
Defended 28 February 2020

Trondúr Jónsson Kragesteen
Lice Management in Salmon Aquaculture, Using the Faroe Islands as a case site
Defended 21 February 2020

Kristian Plet-Hansen
Fisheries data from electronic monitoring and traceability systems in the context of the EU landing obligation
Defended 14 January 2020


Kim Birnie-Gauvin
The unspoken truth about impacted rivers: Consequences and implications of barriers for freshwater fish
Defended 6 December 2019

Esther Beukhof
Trait-environment relationships in marine fish. An exploration of patterns, drivers and assembly processes shaping marine fish communities
Defended 27 September 2019

Tiago Malta 
Industry-led fishing gear development under the new European Union Common Fisheries Policy
Defended  22 August 2019 

Alan Le Moan
Comparative population genomics provides insights on the evolutionary history of marine fishes
Defended 5 July 2019 

Johannes N. Kathena
Improvements in the assessment of demersal fish stocks off Namibia
Defended 3 July 2019

Martin Lykke Kristensen
The marine life of sea trout (Salmo trutta L.)
Defended 21 May 2019 

Elliot John Brown
Habitat Suitability for Juvenile Flatfish of the Inner Danish Waters
Defended 14 May 2019

Tim Spaanheden Dencker
Do traits follow taxonomy? Biodiversity and community assembly in marine ecosystems
Defended 3 May 2019

Agnethe Nøhr Hansen
Plankton Trait Ecology in a Changing Marine Environment
Defended 2 May 2019

Rob van Gemert
Improving the calculation of fisheries reference points
Defended 11 April 2019 

Brian Klitgaard Hansen
Novel DNA methods and instrumentation for species monitoring in fisheries
Defended 4 April 2019

Marina Pancic Mohr
Defense mechanisms in phytoplankton: traits and trade-offs
Defended 8 March 2019

Niccoló Vendramin
Piscine orthoreovirus. Distribution, characterization and experimental infections in salmonids
Defended 1 March 2019

Valentina Melli
Identifying simple and cost-effective gear solutions for an effective implementation of the new EU Common Fisheries Policy (CFP)
Defended 26 February 2019


Kirstine Toxværd
Effects of oil spills on Arctic pelagic ecosystemsWinter exposure and variations in sensitivity
Defended 22 August 2018

Sebastian Nikitas Politis
European eel larval ontogeny and physiology, Insights at morphological and molecular level
Defended 22 May 2018 

Michael Schwinn
Effects of artificial lakes on migrating juvenile brown trout (Salmo trutta)
Defended 3 April 2018

Joan Holst Hansen
Spatial ecology of lacustrine fishes: ecological effects and applied aspects
Defended 16 March 2018

Paula Andrea Rojas Tirado
Microbial Water Quality within Recirculating Aquaculture Systems
Defended 1 March 2018 

Christoffer Moesgaard Albertsen
State-Space Modelling in Marine Science
Defended 9 February 2018

Jiayi Xu
Prey selection and behavior of copepods fed on toxic and nontoxic algae
Defended 2 February 2018

Urban Wünsch
Resolving the chemical structures responsible for the UV-visible spectroscopic properties of dissolved organic matter in aquatic environments
Defended 26 January 2018

Helle Jørgensbye
Marine Ecosystems in West Greenland, Identification and Distribution
Defended 2 January 2018


Thomas Frank-Gopolos
Adaptive differences between wild and farmed trout: linking traits with genomic variation
Defended 14 December 2017

Anette Maria Christensen
Marine copepods in the Baltic Sea – physiological responses and adaptation to low salinity
Defended 8 December 2017

Paulus Inekela Kainge
Environmental effects on the availability of shallow and deep water hake to the demersal trawl survey in Namibian Waters
Defended 21 November 2017

Nicolas Azaña Schnedler-Meyer
The lives and times of jellyfish: Modelling the population dynamics and ecological role of jellyfish in marine pelagic ecosystems
Defended 27 October 2017

Filipa da Silva 
Female nutrition and assisted reproduction in European eel: influences on oogenesis and egg quality
Defended 25 September 2017

Viola Neumann
Trophic Interactions in the Baltic Sea: Predation on cod eggs by clupeids
Defended 24 July 2017

Hans van Someren Gréve
Zooplankton Motile Behavior: Traits and trade-offs in planktonic copepods
Defended 23 June 2017

Esther Savina 
Gear technical contributions to an Ecosystem Approach in the Danish bottom set nets Fisheries
Defended 8 June 2017

Laurène Pécuchet
A trait-based approach to understanding marine communities’ composition, assembly and diversity
Defended 5 May 2017

Thomas Noack
Danish seineEcosystem effects of fishing
Defended 7 March 2017

Carlos Letelier Gordo
Transforming waste into new resources: Optimizing sludge hydrolysis to improve nitrogen removal in aquaculture through denitrification
Defended 10 February 2017

Philip Brun
Plankton biogeography. An exploration of patterns, drivers, functions, and predictability
Defended 20 January 2017


Daniel Jiro Ayala
The early life of the European eel in the ichthyoplankton community of the Sargasso Sea
Defended 27 October 2016

Eleonora Bruno
Aquaculture and feeding ecology: feeding behavior in marine fish larvae
Defended 3 October 2016

Evandro Malanski
Early life of key fish species, capelin Mallotus villosus and Atlantic cod Gadus morhua, in West Greenland
Defended 21 June 2016

Mathis von Ahnen
New approaches to improve the removal of dissolved organic matter and nitrogen in aquaculture
Defended 14 June 2016

Louise Dahl Kristensen
The importance of habitat structure for the distribution and behaviour of demersal fish
Defended 18 May 2016

Alexandros Kokkalis
Fish stock assessment under data limitations
Defended 28 April 2016

Stine Dalmann Ross
Species interactions in the western Baltic Sea: with focus on the ecological role of whiting
Defended 5 April 2016


Nis Sand Jacobsen
Big fish or small fish: size based methods to evaluate direct and indirect ecosystem effects of fishing 
Defended 27 November 2015

Arief Rullyanto
Deep water overflow in the Faroe Bank Channel; Modelling, processes, and impact
Defended 24 September 2015

Paulo Mira Fernandes 
Interactions between micro-particles and the rearing environment in recirculation aquaculture systems
Defended 26 June 2015

Martin Hage Larsen
Effects of hatchery rearing practices and cortisol manipulation on growth, survival and seaward migration success of stocked and wild Atlantic salmon and brown trout smolts
Defended 26 June 2015

Lotte Kindt-Larsen
Management of fisheries in harbour porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) marine protected areas
Defended 22 June 2015

Stavroula Tsoukali 
Fisheries oceanography of northern pelagic fish species
Defended 22 June 2015

Karin Olsson 
Trait-based analysis of reproductive strategies among marine fish
Defended 18 June 2015

Christian Lindemann
The role of deep convection on the dynamics of the North Atlantic phytoplankton community
Defended 1 June 2015

Ana Sofia Ferreira
A time for every season: seasonal cycles of plankton and fish
Defended 17 March 2015


Karen Riisgaard
Trophic role of protozooplankton in northern marine ecosystems
Defended 10 December 2014

Sara Bonanomi
Learning from the past and stepping into the future: Population dynamics of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) revealed by historical DNA
Defended 24 October 2014

Mette Dalgaard Agersted
Functional biology and ecological role of krill in Northern marine ecosystems
Defended 22 August 2014

Diego del Villar-Guerra
The marine life of sea trout (Salmo trutta). Aspects of their migratory behaviour and survival
Defended 2 July 2014

Sanne Kjellerup
Population dynamic of high latitude copepods - with emphasis on Metridia longa
Defended 30 June 2014

Marine Rolland
Effects of dietary methionine on feed utilization, plasma amino acid profiles and gene expression in rainbow trout
Defended 26 June 2014

Mie Hylstofte Sichlau
Sexual selection in marine plankton
Defended 23 May 2014

Lotte Worsøe Clausen
Exploring the multidimensional nature of stock structure: a case study on herring dynamics in a transition area
Defended 29 April 2014

Julie Sainmont
Strategies for success: Copepods in a seasonal world
Defended 8 April 2014

Sune Riis Sørensen
On the way to successful European eel larval rearing: Impact of biophysical conditions and gamete quality
Defended 25 February 2014


Rikke Hagstrøm Bucholtz
Stereology as a tool to assess reproduction strategy and fecundity of teleost fishes : Integrated studies in Central Baltic herring (Clupea harengus L.)
Defended 9 December 2013

Rasmus Swalethorp
Early life of inshore fishes in Greenland with emphasis on Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua)
Defended 8 November 2013

Caroline Laursen
Welfare aspects of stocking density in farmed rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss), assessed by behavioural and physiological methods
Defended 27 May 2013

Madelene Åberg Andersson
Linking development and growth to personalitites in farmed rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
Defended 7 February 2013

Kim Schøn Ekman
Effects of dietary nutrient composition on de novo lipogenesis in gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata)
Defended 17 January 2013


Helle Torp Christensen
Area-intensive bottom culture production of blue mussels, Mytilus edulis (L.)
Defended 5 November 2012

Teunis Jansen
North Sea Mackerel or Mackerel in the North (Sea)?
Defended 2 November 2012

Jordan Feekings
Discarding Discards: Identification of influential factors and possible mitigation tools in demersal trawl fisheries
Defended 1 October 2012

Henrik Baktoft
Aspects of lentic fish behaviour studied with high resolution positional telemetry
Defended 30 August 2012

Nina Overgaard Therkildsen
Insights from the past: Retrospective monitoring of genetic variation in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua)
Defended 17 August 2012

Christina Frisk
Physiology, phenology and behavioral strategies of forage fish studied through bioenergetic modeling
Defended 18 June 2012 

Hannes Höffle
Spatial patterns in the distribution and early life characteristics of North Sea cod
Defended 30 May 2012

Cornelia Jaspers
Ecology of gelatinous plankton with emphasis on feeding interactions, distribution pattern and reproduction biology of Mnemiopsis leidyi in the Baltic Sea
Defended 14 May 2012

Maria Christina Røjbek
Cod Reproductive Ecology: Effect of Dietary Fatty Acids on Ovarian Maturation, Spawning Time and Quality of Eggs and Larvae
Defended 14 May 2012

Kristian Meier
The molecular basis of local adaptation in brown trout
Defended 16 April 2012

Mikkel Boel
Life history types and strategies. Case studies on brown trout (Salmo trutta) and alewives (Alosa pseudoharengus), involving physiological differences and interspecific interactions
Defended 28 March 2012

Nuria Calduch Verdiell
Protecting the larger fish: an ecological, economical and evolutionary analysis using a demographic model
Defended 29 February 2012

Morten Tønsberg Limborg
Population structure and adaptation in fishes. Insights from clupeid and salmonid species
Defended 23 February 2012


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