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Overview of PhD projects at DTU Aqua

Tuesday 28 Apr 20

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PhD Projects at DTU Aqua
“PhD projects at DTU Aqua” is a web-publication presenting DTU Aquas PhD students and their projects

The new edition of the web-publication “PhD projects at DTU Aqua” presents the 43 PhD students enrolled at DTU Aqua’s PhD school as of 1 March 2020.

Each PhD project is described by the PhD student in terms of background, project contents and perspectives, and you will additionally find information on research section affiliation and supervisor. Most PhD students at DTU Aqua have co-supervisors as well. However, for the sake of simplicity the entire list is not shown in the publication. 

The mission of the DTU Aqua’s PhD school is to ensure that enrolled PhD students engage in front line research, utilising new technological approaches in their data collection and processing as well as new concepts for data treatment and evaluation. The ambition is to contribute to developing the next generation of innovative and broadly educated applied aquatic researchers who can take on the challenges that climate change and increased utilisation of aquatic resources present.

Download "PhD projects at DTU Aqua"

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