Danish Shellfish Centre. Photo: Aris Thomasberger


Facilities for coastal ecology research at DTU Aqua. 

DTU Aqua's research into coastal ecology is divided between two locations: On the island of Mors at the Danish Shellfish Centre where the research group Sustainable Resource Utilisation is located and at the DTU main campus in Lyngby where the research group Environmental Impact and Habitat is based.

In Nykøbing Mors, DTU Aqua has access to facilities on land and in the Limfjorden aimed at research into the production of shellfish and seaweed. There are over 3800 m2 of buildings and land at the closed Morsø Shipyard at Ørodde and two aquaculture farms of 7 and 15 ha in the fjord.

The inland infrastructure consists of standard equipped laboratories and stand-alone hatchery units for research in shellfish and macroalgae—from larvae and spores to adult stage—as well as facilities for producing microalgae for shellfish production.

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