Anna Rindorf

Anna Rindorf

Professor, Sektionsleder

Institut for Akvatiske Ressourcer

Sektion for Økosystembaseret Marin Forvaltning

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet


Bygning 201, rum 050

2800 Kgs. Lyngby

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My work aims to incorporate biological knowledge of fish stocks in operational management advice. I focus on investigating and modelling ecosystem impacts of fishing, including predator-prey interactions, growth, survival and spatial distribution of commercially exploited fish stocks, effects of fishing on dependent predators and other ecosystem components and development of indicators of fishing impact and ecosystem status. A key component in my work is the operationalisation of indicators in management considering both ecosystem, economic, social and governance aspects. Educated as phD in fisheries from Copenhagen University and bachelor in Business administration and innovation from Copenhagen Business School, I am currently the daily leader of 35 scientific staff working to improve ecosystem based marine management.




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