Sådan ser den usædvanlige ålelarve ud, når den er 12 dage gammel og 8 mm lang. Mange har spurgt sig selv, hvad mon den spiser? Foto: Sune Riis Sørensen, DTU Aqua
21 AUG

Characteristic Sizes of Life in the Oceans, from Bacteria to Whales

New paper from Centre for Ocean Life, DTU Aqua shows how life in the ocean can be divided into seven major realms based on trophic strategy, physiology, and life history...

Photo: Finn Sivebæk
26 JUN

The Danish salmon adventure: from nearly extinct to tourist magnet

Following a large-scale rescue operation including extensive stream restoration and gene technology, the wild salmon in the streams of Jutland have turned into big local...

Fisheries and fish stocksFish and shellfishEcosystemsGenes and genomesBiological systems
Photo: Colourbox
04 JUN

Reducing fish waste

Professor Clara Ulrich from DTU Aqua is at the helm of a major European project intended to make the fishing industry more sustainable. 

Food, fish and agricultureFisheries and fish stocksFish and shellfish
Dana i Sargassohavet. Foto Line Reeh.
20 MAY

Floating University on RV Dana

18 European master-and ph.d.-students were selected among 195 applicants to get hands on experience with ocean research at sea. The course will take place during a...

Marine research
05 MAY

Quiet swimmers

What does it take for plankton to master stealthy swimming, and why are some breast stroke swimming plankton quiet swimmers? New study from Centre for Ocean Life, DTU Aqua...

Fiskeri. Foto: DTU Aqua
25 FEB

Two new professors in fisheries management

DTU has conferred professorships on J. Rasmus Nielsen and Clara Ulrich at DTU Aqua.

Fisheries and fish stocks
The Nordic seas: 1, Baltic Sea; 2, North Sea; 3, Greenland Sea; 4, Norwegian Sea; 5, Barents Sea. Mean surface salinity 1980-present. Salinity gradients are projected to become steeper in future, making these seas more sensitive to environmental change.
10 FEB

Connecting the Seas of Norden

Nordic marine researchers push for increased collaboration across disciplines to handle growing pressure on the oceans.

Marine researchFood safetyFisheries and fish stocksClimate change
Photo: Peter Rask Møller, the National History Museum of Denmark
29 JAN

Cod and herring migrate into Northeast Passage

In future, an ice-free Northeast Passage will allow, among other things, cod, herring and blue whiting from the Atlantic to migrate into the Pacific—while other species...

Food, fish and agricultureMarine researchClimate change
Øresund. Foto Mikael van Deurs, DTU Aqua.
20 JAN

How many species are there in the sea?

New model can predict what the relative numbers of large and small species should be in different areas of the ocean.

Counting pike perch larvae. Photo: Ivar Lund.
10 NOV

Healthy food may alleviate stress among farmed fish

A new DTU survey suggests that adding unsaturated fatty acids to their feed may make farmed pike perch hardier and better able to cope with stress.

Marine researchAquacultureFish and shellfish


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