23 FEB

PhD defence about ecosystem effects of fishing with Danish seine

On 7 March 201, PhD student Thomas Noack defends his thesis which has increased the basic scientific understanding of Danish seining and developed methods and equipment...

Fisheries and fish stocks Ecosystems
21 FEB

Red algae form coral-like reefs in Greenland

Sometimes, red algae grow in coral-like formations. A PhD student is the first to identify 21 of these reefs off the coast of Greenland.

Marine research Polar research Mapping and surveying
05 FEB

PhD defence about transforming waste from aquaculture into new resources

On 10 February 2017 PhD student Carlos Letelier Gordo will defend his thesis about optimizing sludge hydrolysis to improve nitrogen removal in aquaculture

11 JAN

PhD defense: Plankton biogeography—an exploration of patterns, drivers, functions...

On 20 January 2017, Philipp Brun will defend his PhD thesis "Plankton biogeography—an exploration of patterns, drivers, functions, and predictability" at DTU Aqua

10 JAN

Better long-term forecast systems for the increasingly extreme weather

DTU Aqua is part of the ‘blue-action’-project aiming to help communities and businesses cope with the impacts of dramatic Arctic climate changes

Fisheries and fish stocks Marine research Climate change Polar research
02 JAN

Overview of PhD projects at DTU Aqua

The publication “PhD projects at DTU Aqua” presents DTU Aquas PhD students and their projects

02 JAN

Blue Science for Blue Growth

Registration is now open for the EuroMarine event "Blue Science for Blue Growth: EuroMarine, connecting ideas and people" which will take place at the European Parliament...

Marine research
22 DEC

Natural water purification with mussels

A new type of mussel farming may improve the aquatic environment in Danish coastal areas and at the same time deliver highly sought-after organic protein for livestock...

Fish and shellfish Aquaculture
20 DEC

DTU's new crown jewel

DTU Aqua, DTU Food, and DTU Vet have just been given the keys to their new domicile at Lyngby Campus. The departments expect to move into their new facilities over the...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Food, fish and agriculture
02 DEC

Symposium announcement: Science delivery for sustainable use of the Baltic Sea...

The BONUS Symposium will be held 17-19 October 2017 in Tallin, Estonia. DTU Aqua has leading roles in the BONUS projects organizing the symposium.

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