Foto Sebastian Nikitas Politis
20 SEP

A two million grant from the Villum Experiment to solving the mystery of the eel

Marine researcher Sebastian Nikitas Politis has received a donation of DKK 2 million kroner from the Villum Foundation's Experiment program for his research project TAG...

14 SEP

Six questions for the Professor - meet Patrizio Mariani

Patrizio Mariani from DTU Aqua has just been appointed Professor. It is both a great honor and a great responsibility, he says. See his answers to questions about the...

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23 AUG

Climate and ocean science as a means of empowering young people

A connection to nature is one of five strategies that can equip young people today to deal with the global challenges of the future according to a new multidisciplinary...

A feature map produced by the second convolutional layer of a Convolutional Neural Network applied to an input RGB image of Nephrops norvegicus recorded inside the demersal trawl.
19 AUG

PhD defence about the optical catch monitoring of demersal trawl fisheries

On 25 August 2022, Maria Sokolova will defend her PhD thesis. It is possible to attend the defence at DTU in Hirtshals or online.

Foto Rafael Gonçalves-Araujo
17 AUG

News from The North

The Arctic carbon reservoir and rainy days at the North Pole - Postdoc from DTU Aqua Rafael Gonçalves-Araujo on field trip sends his greetings.

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Bluefin tuna
20 JUL

Atlantic Bluefin Tuna have returned to Nordic waters—The first research on their...

The first results from the tagging of the Atlantic bluefin tuna visiting Nordic waters show that the giant fish make extensive migrations in the Atlantic Ocean and that...

Karen Timmermann. Foto: Andreas Frommelt
29 JUN

There’s no baseline—but think of a world with no people

The second interview under the ‘What is biodiversity?’ heading is with Professor Karen Timmermann—an expert on impacts of nutrients on  coastal waters, and a member of...

Biological systems Fisheries and fish stocks Aquaculture Ecosystems
Professor Einar Eg Nielsen, DTU Aqua
15 JUN

“The ones that thrive are the ones that grow up in the wild”

What is biodiversity? We talk to Professor and Population Geneticist Einar Eg about this in the first of a series of interviews with leading researchers in the field...

Genes and genomes Fisheries and fish stocks Fish and shellfish Ecosystems
Platform by at the quay side with stairs to underwater observatory. Graphics: Econcrete.
20 MAY

And the winner is …

The Living Ports project – a consortium that includes DTU researchers, the company Econcrete and others – wins a sustainability award. 

Bottlenose dolphins. COLOURBOX/Daniel Lamborn
19 MAY

Diseased dolphins at risk of starvation use muscles to survive

Diseased dolphin populations are being put at increasing risk of starvation and are using their muscles as an energy source to survive due to man-made factors including...

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