07 JUL

Size does matter

Much smaller male fish among the mosquitofish have been thought to have an advantage in reproduction due to their agility – but female mosquitofish prefer the larger...

Fish and shellfish Ecosystems
Blue whiting. Photo: Søren Post
14 JUN

PhD defence about behaviour and distribution of blue whiting in Greenland waters

On 28 June 2021, Søren Post will defend his PhD thesis. The defence can be watched online.

Fisheries and fish stocks Fish and shellfish Ecosystems
Photo: Colourbox
01 JUN

Ocean Decade begins with a plan for ocean research in the Arctic

The world's oceans will receive special attention in the coming decade. UN launches UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, 2021-2030. The Danish Center...

Marine research Climate change Ecosystems Fisheries and fish stocks
Left: Rainbow trout eyed eggs. Right: Rainbow trout fry with skin lesions caused by F. psychrophilum and re-isolation of the bacterium from infected fish. Photos: V. L. Donati.
10 MAY

PhD defence about the use of bacteriophages to control bacterial infections in...

On 20 May 2021, Valentina Laura Donati will defend her PhD thesis. The defence can be followed online.

Livestock diseases Bacteria and microorganisms Fish and shellfish Aquaculture
Waves. Photo: Colourbox
27 APR

4,000 cubic metres of granite to protect fauna and coasts

How can we combine coastal protection with greater biodiversity? A new DTU project aims to investigate this topic.

Coasts and harbours Ecosystems Fisheries and fish stocks
Illustration: Ship engineering company Knud E. Hansen
19 APR

Dream of a new marine research vessel comes true

A donation of DKK 50 million from the A.P. Moller Foundation contributes to the realization of Denmark's new ocean-going research vessel.

Marja Koski
23 MAR

Can we measure the effects of climate change in the Arctic?

In autumn 2020, an international research team was stationed in the sea west of Greenland to investigate how climate change affects ecosystems in the Arctic.

Climate change Ice research Polar research
Skibsingeniørfirmaet Knud E. Hansen
23 MAR

New Arctic research ship on the way

In autumn 2020, government funding for a new ocean-going research ship finally fell into place. This will replace Dana IV, Denmark’s only marine research ship that...

Ice research Polar research
John Kinyage in aquaculture facilities at DTU Aqua. Foto: Milan Møller Pavlovic
05 MAR

From Hirtshals to Morogoro: Improving aquaculture

Former DTU student works to develop and improve the aquaculture industry back in Tanzania as well as in Denmark.

Food production Aquaculture Fish and shellfish
Hvalblåst. Foto: Line Reeh
05 FEB

New insight into whales and dolphins highlights conservation threat

Scientists have found that the metabolic changes that allowed whales and dolphins to adapt to their aquatic lifestyle have implications on how we should assess the impact...

Food, fish and agriculture

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