17 DEC

Invasion pathways uncovered

Species invasions into marine coastal habitats continue at an alarming rate. One is a comb jelly associated with dramatic ecosystem impacts. DTU and an international...

Naturrum Tisvilde Foto Anne Trap-Lind
14 DEC

How to find the excellent idea for a research project

Research applications are hard work. But of course they are also worth it all when they go through. But it requires the good idea - how do you find it? Researchers on the...

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Sea trout. Photo: Niels Vestergaard,
10 DEC

Rocky reef to help sea trout in Lillebælt Nature Park

A new research project will investigate whether rocky reefs near a river mouth can support sea trout during their dangerous migration from freshwater to the sea.

Fisheries and fish stocks Coasts and harbours Ecosystems
Vaccination of European Sea Bass at one of the vaccination trials conducted during Sofie Barsøes PhD studies. Photo: Jacob G. Schmidt, DTU Aqua.
06 DEC

PhD defence about vaccination of European sea bass against viral nervous necrosis

On 16 December, Sofie Barsøe, DTU Aqua, will defend her PhD thesis. It is possible to attend the defence at DTU Aqua in Lyngby and online.

Tommy Norin og Sanni-Leea Aalto foto af Morten Larsen
02 DEC

Free research funding and recognition for two younger DTU Aqua researchers

Senior researcher Tommy Norin and researcher Sanni-Leea Aalto have received just over DKK 6 million kroner each from the Independent Research Fund Denmark (DFF).

Bacteria and microorganisms Biological systems Fisheries and fish stocks Aquaculture
Arctic Landscape, Svalbard, foto Alexey Seafarer / Colourbox
16 NOV

Marine scientists' contribution to the climate debate during COP26

COP26 in Glasgow ended this weekend after two weeks of climate action in the negotiating rooms, in the media and in the streets. See some contributions to the climate debate...

Collage with photos from Renata Gonçalves' experiments with juvenile lobsters.
15 NOV

PhD defence about nutritional requirements in early life stages of the European...

On 23 November 2021, Renata Gonçalves, DTU Aqua, will defend her PhD thesis. It is possible to attend the defence at DTU Aqua in Hirtshals and online.

Fish and shellfish Biological systems Aquaculture
Karen Timmermann ved Vestkysten
10 NOV

DTU professor appointed to the new Biodiversity Council

Professor Karen Timmermann from DTU Aqua has been selected to sit on a brand new Biodiversity Council to advise politicians. The council includes nine researchers from...

Fisheries and fish stocks Fish and shellfish Climate adaptation
Angler at coast. Photo: Colourbox
28 OCT

PhD defence about data collection from recreational fisheries through electronic...

On 10 November 2021, Casper Gundelund Jørgensen will defend his PhD thesis. The defence can be watched online.

Fisheries and fish stocks Information technology Ecosystems
Trawlfiskeri. Foto: Øivind Berg
15 OCT

More sustainable fishing requires combined efforts

The new report ‘Environmental Friendliness and Ecological Sustainability of Danish Fisheries’ from DTU Aqua shows where there is plenty of room for improvement for fisheries...

Fisheries and fish stocks Climate adaptation Ecosystems

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