About DTU Aqua

DTU Aqua, National Institute of Aquatic Resources is an institute at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). 

DTU Aqua conducts research, provides advice, educates at university level and contributes to innovation in sustainable exploitation and management of aquatic resources.

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All employees at DTU Aqua
Telephone numbers etc. to all employees at DTU Aqua

Heads of scientific sections
List of heads of scientific sections at DTU Aqua 

Press contact
Press Officer Anne Trap-Lind
Ph. +45 93 51 04 11 

Outside normal office hours, please contact the Institute Management.  

Institute management
Head of Institute 
Fritz W. Köster
Ph. +45 35 88 30 00
Mobile +45 21 36 28 05

Deputy Head of Institute 
Anders Koed
Ph. +45 35 88 31 46
Mobile +45 21 68 56 41