Dana i Sargassohavet. Foto Line Reeh.
20 MAY

Floating University on RV Dana

18 European master-and ph.d.-students were selected among 195 applicants to get hands on experience with ocean research at sea. The course will take place during a...

05 MAY

Quiet swimmers

What does it take for plankton to master stealthy swimming, and why are some breast stroke swimming plankton quiet swimmers? New study from Centre for Ocean Life, DTU Aqua...

Fiskeri. Foto: DTU Aqua
25 FEB

Two new professors in fisheries management

DTU has conferred professorships on J. Rasmus Nielsen and Clara Ulrich at DTU Aqua.

Fisheries and fish stocks
The Nordic seas: 1, Baltic Sea; 2, North Sea; 3, Greenland Sea; 4, Norwegian Sea; 5, Barents Sea. Mean surface salinity 1980-present. Salinity gradients are projected to become steeper in future, making these seas more sensitive to environmental change.
10 FEB

Connecting the Seas of Norden

Nordic marine researchers push for increased collaboration across disciplines to handle growing pressure on the oceans.

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Øresund. Foto Mikael van Deurs, DTU Aqua.
20 JAN

How many species are there in the sea?

New model can predict what the relative numbers of large and small species should be in different areas of the ocean.

Counting pike perch larvae. Photo: Ivar Lund.
10 NOV

Healthy food may alleviate stress among farmed fish

A new DTU survey suggests that adding unsaturated fatty acids to their feed may make farmed pike perch hardier and better able to cope with stress.

Marine researchAquacultureFish and shellfish
Dean Martin P. Bendsøe presents PhD Julie Sainmont with the Young Researcher Reward at DTU's PhD celebration. Photo: Thorkild Christensen.
06 NOV

Young Researcher Award for PhD from DTU Aqua

PhD Julie Sainmont receives a DTU talent award for her thesis "Strategies for success: Copepods in a seasonal world".

Marine research
Foto Line Reeh.
03 NOV

New collaboration with China

DTU Aqua signs Memorandum of Understanding with important Chinese Fisheries Research Organisation

Marine research
Mike St John, DTU Aqua at EurOCEANS 2014. Credit: EurOCEANS.
28 OCT

Declaration from EurOCEAN 2014

A common vision of today’s most pressing priorities for marine research and action.

Marine research
Dana. Foto Line Reeh.
23 SEP

Searching for eel larvae in the Sargasso Sea

To improve understanding of the decline in the European eel population, a Danish research expedition with DTU Aqua's research vessel "Dana" explored the spawning areas...

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