Sigrún Jónasdóttir. Foto: Joachim Rode.
12 NOV

Doctoral thesis on fatty acids in marine ecosystems

Senior Research Scientist Sigrún Jónasdóttir will be defending her doctoral thesis on copepods at DTU—Technical University of Denmark. Not only...

Marine researchEcosystems
Photo: Thorkild Amdi Christensen
28 OCT

Back to school for marine engineer

An industrial PhD will give Kirstine Toxværd, MSc, the chance to study her chosen field in depth; it will also serve as a springboard to a change of career.

Kristina Enders and Robin Lenz filtering seawater for microplastic, Sargasso Cruise 2014. Photo: Line Reeh.
27 OCT

New method finds even the tiniest plastics in the sea

Studies have estimated that each year between 4 and 12 million tonnes of plastics end up in the sea, and that the figure is expected to double over the next ten years...

Fish and shellfishMarine researchEcosystems
Photo: Line Reeh
23 OCT

Bear watch on the ice

What happens to life in the sea in the Arctic in the event of an oil spill? And will the actual clean-up operation have a negative impact on the marine environment? An...

Environment and pollutionEcosystemsMarine researchIce research
Henrik Gislason. Photo
25 SEP

Understanding species richness

Professor Henrik Gislason delivers opening plenary lecture at ICES Annual Science Conference

Fisheries and fish stocksMathematical modellingMarine research
Hvalblåst Foto Line Reeh
23 SEP

Size Matters

Why do whales use echolocation when bacteria do not? Because body size determines available sensing modes, argue researchers from Centre for Ocean Life

PhysicsMarine researchFish and shellfish
Dana. Foto Milan Pavlovic, DTU Aqua
15 SEP

Expedition to study impact of inflow on life in the Baltic Sea

A two week research cruise led by DTU Aqua is to investigate if new areas have become available for successful spawning of cod after a recent inflow of water from the North...

Fisheries and fish stocksFish and shellfishMarine researchClimate change
Calanus finmarchicus. Foto Sigrun Jonasdottir.
08 SEP

Copepod migrations are important for the ocean’s uptake of CO2

Zooplankton no bigger than grains of rice play a much larger role in the transport and storage of  CO2 in the ocean than previously thought

Marine researchClimate change
Sådan ser den usædvanlige ålelarve ud, når den er 12 dage gammel og 8 mm lang. Mange har spurgt sig selv, hvad mon den spiser? Foto: Sune Riis Sørensen, DTU Aqua
21 AUG

Characteristic Sizes of Life in the Oceans, from Bacteria to Whales

New paper from Centre for Ocean Life, DTU Aqua shows how life in the ocean can be divided into seven major realms based on trophic strategy, physiology, and life history...

Photo: Finn Sivebæk
26 JUN

The Danish salmon adventure: from nearly extinct to tourist magnet

Following a large-scale rescue operation including extensive stream restoration and gene technology, the wild salmon in the streams of Jutland have turned into big local...

Fisheries and fish stocksFish and shellfishEcosystemsGenes and genomesBiological systems


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