Photo: Martin Dam Kristensen
18 JUN

Festive welcome to Danish Shellfish Centre

Danish Shellfish Centre has become part of DTU, which was celebrated with a large inauguration ceremony at the centre's address in Nykøbing Mors.

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Photo: Tine Kortenbach
28 MAY

Danish seaweed – version 1.0

The Danish Shellfish Centre at DTU has recently provided samples of an innovative, new type of food: edible seaweed grown in the Limfjord.

Food and agriculture
 Photo credit: Greenland Fisheries License Control Authority.
13 MAY

Bluefin Tuna Caught Hunting For Mackerel In East Greenland Waters

Warmer temperatures, and prey species which are also moving north, can be reasons why bluefin tuna were found in the Denmark Strait east of Greenland, according to a DTU...

Photo: Line Reeh
16 APR

Danish Eel Expedition 2014: First phase successfully completed

The expedition has at times battled 12-metre Atlantic swells , making it impossible to get equipment in the water. However, expedition leader Peter Munk of DTU Aqua and...

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Photo: Bo Lehm
11 APR

DTU’s shellfish and seaweed merger

The merger of the Danish Shellfish Centre in Limfjord and DTU Aqua unifies much of the country’s shellfish and seaweed expertise.

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Photo: Michael Miller
08 APR

Eel hunt in the Sargasso Sea

In March and April, DTU’s marine research vessel, Dana, is in the Sargasso Sea to determine whether changes in the marine environment are the cause of the drastic...

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Herring. Photo: Jens Astrup
13 MAR

Open source fisheries management

A statistical model originally developed to allow fishermen to study the work done by researchers, has now become one of the most highly acclaimed tools for estimating...

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Photo: Line Reeh
03 MAR

Danish eel expedition sets sail for the Sargasso Sea

On Friday, 28 February 2014, the biggest marine research vessel in Denmark—Dana—set sail from Hirtshals in North Jutland, bound for the Saragasso Sea off the...

Aquatic research
Sars. Photo: Kjartan Mæstad, Havforskningsinstituttet
30 JAN

Join a Cruise Across the Atlantic - on film

A group of biologists from DTU Aqua crossed the Atlantic in May 2013 on the Norwegian research vessel G.O. Sars as part of a European project, EURO-BASIN. Master student...

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Hellefisk i Grønland. Foto Jesper Boye.
13 JAN

Impact of deep-sea fishery for Greenland halibut

New study: Impact of deep-sea fishery for Greenland halibut on non-commercial fish species off West Greenland

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