18 JUN

Organic and delicious, but unknown in Denmark

Food Organic common mussels are easy to grow on ropes in Denmark. Nevertheless, few find their way to Danish consumers.  

Fish and shellfish
17 JUN

Underwater robot can count starfish and measure biomass

Specially developed smart sensors and underwater cameras can enable robots to handle monitoring tasks in the sea  

Food, fish and agriculture Robot technology and automation Mathematical modelling
27 MAY

Parasites hinder organic trout production

Optimum water conditions, hiding places for fish, and the prevention and reduction of parasites and bacteria to secure organic trout fry.

Food, fish and agriculture Food production Aquaculture
24 MAY

Organic mussels ready to be served on the Danes’ dinner tables

A longer harvest season, stable production and collaboration with the retail sector are to increase the Danes’ appetite for farmed mussels, which are being exported today...

Food, fish and agriculture Fish and shellfish Food production
13 MAY

PhD defence about migration and survival of sea trout during the marine life phase

On 21 May 2019, Martin Lykke Kristensen will defend his PhD thesis at DTU, Silkeborg.

02 MAY

PhD defence about habitat suitability for juvenile flatfish of inner Danish waters

On 14 May 2019, Elliot John Brown will defend his PhD thesis at DTU, Lyngby.

25 APR

PhD defence about biodiversity in bottom-living fish communities

On 3 May 2019, Tim Spaanheden Dencker will defend his PhD thesis at DTU, Lyngby.

23 APR

PhD defence on linking plankton models to oceanic carbon transport

On 2 May 2019, Agnethe Nøhr Hansen will defend her PhD thesis at DTU, Lyngby.

02 APR

PhD defence about the improvement of reference points for fisheries management

On 11 April 2019, Rob van Gemert, DTU Aqua will defend his PhD thesis at DTU, Lyngby.

27 MAR

Cameras and DNA tests to control discard fish

Under new EU rules, fishermen must land previously discarded catches. New control methods are needed—for example video cameras and DNA analyses.

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19 JUNE 2019