21 SEP

PhD defence about artificial reproduction of eel

PhD Student Filipa da Silva, DTU Aqua has investigated factors influencing the maturational response of European female eels to hormonal treatments and resulting egg quality...

Fish and shellfish
11 SEP

First bluefin tunas caught and tagged in Danish and Swedish waters

Tagging project expected to contribute to explaining why bluefin tuna has returned to Skagerrak and Kattegat after more than 50 years of absence.

Fisheries and fish stocks Fish and shellfish
09 SEP

Tuna tagging for the first time ever in Denmark and Sweden

Today DTU Aqua, SLU Aqua and WWF will start tagging bluefin tuna to get a better understanding of why the fish have begun returning to Danish and Swedish waters, after...

Fisheries and fish stocks Fish and shellfish
04 SEP

Fisheries physicist boils theory down to five words

This month Professor Ken H. Andersen will defend his doctoral dissertation written on the basis of 10 years’ research and which resulted in his development of new fishery...

Food, fish and agriculture Fisheries and fish stocks Mathematical modelling
21 AUG

Drone technology benefits society

According to the Danish Drone Strategy, the Danish Government wants to promote the use of drones in the public sector. And now a string of DTU projects have become airborne...

Antennas Robot technology and automation Mapping and surveying Fish and shellfish
21 JUL

EU collaboration ensures DTU international influence

DTU Aqua has successfully coordinated an EU network on fishing activities in collaboration with the Danish Agency for Research and Education.

Food, fish and agriculture
20 JUL

PhD defence about clupeids' predation on cod eggs

PhD student Viola Neumann, DTU Aqua has investigated clupeids' predation pressure on cod egg and the implications for cod recruitment in the Baltic Sea. On 24 July 2017...

20 JUN

Migration secrets of bluefin tuna to be studied in Scandinavian waters

The world’s most coveted fish is back in Danish and Swedish waters. New project will tag tuna to find out why they have come back

Fisheries and fish stocks
13 JUN

PhD defence about zooplankton motile behavior

Copepods have developed two distinct behavioral strategies that have different costs and benefits when it comes to feeding, mating and escaping predators. A new PhD thesis...

31 MAY

PhD defence about Danish bottom set nets fisheries

PhD student Esther Savina defends her thesis about ecosystem effects of bottom set nets on 8 June 2017

Fisheries and fish stocks

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17 OCTOBER 2018