The wet fish laboratory on-board the research vessel Dana. Photo: Line Reeh

Monitoring of fish stocks

DTU Aqua contributes to the common European monitoring of fish and shellfish stocks.

DTU Aqua contributes to the joint European monitoring of the status and development of fish and shellfish stocks.

DTU Aqua has a number of contracts with the Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries and the European Commission regarding development work, data collection, and participation in international advisory groups. 

The largest contract involves collecting fish and fishery data, and utilising these data in scientific advice on fisheries management. Data are collected in a similar way throughout the EU, in accordance with the obligations laid down in the EU Data Collection Framework. 

Data collection

Data collection is performed on the Institute's own research vessels, from commercial vessels, in harbours and using landing statistics, information from log books, VMS satellite monitoring, and so on.

The information collected comprises biological data such as the length, weight and age of the fish, environmental aspects and non-biological information about fishing equipment and the number of fishing days, for example.

Development of methods and technology

DTU Aqua also works to develop and improve methods and technology for monitoring fish, ecosystems and fishery, such as optical and hydro-acoustic systems for the identification and determination of densities of fish and shellfish.



The research vessel Dana

Some of the data collection is performed on DTU Aqua's own research vessels, of which Dana is the largest.

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