New MSc-students at DTU Aqua

Wednesday 28 Sep 11
18 new students have begun their studies at the DTU Aqua's MSc program in Aquatic Science and Technology. More than half of the students are from abroad.

In early September, 18 new students began their studies at the MSc program in Aquatic Science and Technology which is offered by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in collaboration with University of Copenhagen.

The two-year MSc program is offered to Danish students as well as to students from abroad, and consists of a unique combination of biological, technological and mathematical courses which gives the student cross-curricular requisites for working with global aquatic issues within climate, environment and food supply.

Many international students

Among the 18 new students, eight are from Denmark and ten from other countries in Europe; Greece, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and England. The new students’ educational background is mainly biology or engineering.

During the first semester, the 18 new students will follow courses in marine biology, ocean physics, freshwater ecology, and physiology of aquatic organisms.
26 OCTOBER 2020