Skinny cod. Photo Marie Plambech Ryberg
14 OCT

Liver worms inflict fatal damage on the livers of cod

Cod with high numbers of parasitic liver worm show symptoms similar to those of humans with chronic liver disease, such as cancer and cirrhosis.

Food, fish and agriculture
Cod from the Baltic Sea. Photo: Line Reeh.
07 OCT

PhD defence on evaluation of Baltic fish stocks with a holistic ecosystem model...

On 23 October 2020, Sieme Bossier, DTU Aqua will defend her PhD thesis. The defence can be watched online.

Fisheries and fish stocks Ecosystems
Otter eating a fish. Photo: Colourbox.
05 OCT

Poor diets spur risky choices

New meta-analysis study shows that animals' decisions in risky situations are influenced by what they eat.

Food, fish and agriculture
Professor i fiskeredskaber, Bent Herrmann.
25 SEP

New professor in fish gear performance

Bent Herrmann has been employed as a professor at DTU, where he will conduct research in the use of new technology to improve fishing gears.

Fisheries and fish stocks
Professor David Lusseau, DTU Aqua.
18 AUG

New professor of Marine Sustainability

David Lusseau has been appointed Professor at DTU. He is a sustainability scientist interested in sustainable exploitation of marine wildlife

Food, fish and agriculture
Godthåbsfjorden. Foto: Torkel Gissel Nielsen.
11 AUG

First quantification of microplastics off the coast of Nuuk

A new study shows that concentrations of microscopic plastic particles in the sea along the west coast of Greenland are roughly the same as in the Atlantic Ocean

Food, fish and agriculture Environment and pollution
Professor Karen Timmermann. Photo/graphics: DTU Aqua.
01 JUL

New Professor of Biogeochemical Modelling

Karen Timmermann has been appointed Professor at DTU, where she will conduct research into anthropogenic and natural impacts on coastal waters.

Ecosystems Fisheries and fish stocks Marine research Climate change
Fishing boat surrounded by ice in Arctic waters
22 JUN

Research into ecosystem tipping points in the Arctic

New Horizon 2020 project, ECOTIP, will assess the cascading effects of climate change to Arctic marine ecosystems and depending societies

Food, fish and agriculture Marine research Climate change
Germinal vesicle in an oocyte of European eel. Photo: Michelle Jørgensen.
04 JUN

PhD defence on reproductive physiology of European eel

On 11 June 2020, Michelle Jørgensen, DTU Aqua, will defend her PhD thesis. The defence can be watched online.

Fish and shellfish Genes and genomes
Sandeel. Photo: Ole Henriksen.
03 JUN

PhD defence on population dynamics of sandeel

On 12 June 2020, Ole Henriksen, DTU Aqua will defend his PhD thesis. The defence can be watched online.

Fisheries and fish stocks Fish and shellfish Ecosystems
Tiger shark jaw. Photo: Alice Manuzzi
29 MAY

PhD defence on the genetics of tiger shark

On 5 June 2020, Alice Manuzzi, DTU Aqua will defend her PhD thesis. Due to the corona pandemic the defence will be held online.

Fisheries and fish stocks Ecosystems
Søl. Foto: Peter Søndergaard Schmedes.
19 MAY

PhD defense on seaweed cultivation

On 25 May 2020, Peter Søndergaard Schmedes, DTU Aqua will defend his PhD thesis. Due to the corona pandemic the defense will take place online.

Food, fish and agriculture
Nets. Photo: Plastix A/S.
15 MAY

Nine recommendations to limit ghost nets in the sea

Nordic network makes recommendations on how to limit ghost fishing and pollution of the sea due to lost fishing gear.

Fisheries and fish stocks Ecosystems Environmental chemistry Waste management
Plaice. Photo: Kenneth Løvholt.
11 MAY

PhD defence about biodiversity in fish communities

On 15 May 2020, Aurore Maureaud, DTU Aqua will defend her PhD thesis. Due to the corona pandemic the defence will take place online. 

Ecosystems Fish and shellfish
PhD Student Kristian Maar.
28 APR

Overview of PhD projects at DTU Aqua

“PhD projects at DTU Aqua” is a web-publication presenting DTU Aquas PhD students and their projects

Food, fish and agriculture
Examples of bottom living organisms in Limfjorden and Kattegat. Photo: Ciaran McLaverty.
25 FEB

PhD defence on effects of trawling on bottom living fauna

On 28 February 2020, Ciaran McLaverty will defend his PhD thesis at DTU, Lyngby.

Fisheries and fish stocks Ecosystems
Udstilling af forskellige fiskearter. Foto: Helle Sørensen.
18 FEB

European fish stocks on the move

Many European fish populations are on the move due to warming oceans and increasing numbers shows new international study

Food, fish and agriculture
Lakseopdrætsanlæg. Foto: Colourbox.
12 FEB

PhD defence on lice management in salmon aquaculture

On 21 February 2020, Tróndur Kragesteen will defend his PhD thesis at DTU, Lyngby.

Fish and shellfish Aquaculture Livestock diseases
Images from camera monitoring of catches on a fishing vessel. To estimate the size of the fishes, a grid overlay and measuring line is integrated in the video audit programme. Photo: Heiðrikur Bergsson,
08 JAN

PhD defence about electronic monitoring and traceability system in fisheries

On 14 January 2020, Kristian Schreiber Plet-Hansen will defend his PhD thesis at DTU Aqua, Lyngby.

Fisheries and fish stocks
Vandloppe, C. hyperboreus. Foto: Kirstine Toxværd.
10 DEC

Fewer large, fat-rich copepods off Western Greenland

Birds and fish in the Disko Bay no longer have access to the same amount of two Arctic fat-rich copepod species as they did 25 years ago, according to recent research.

Food, fish and agriculture

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22 OCTOBER 2020