Foto Rafael Gonçalves-Araujo
17 AUG

News from The North

The Arctic carbon reservoir and rainy days at the North Pole - Postdoc from DTU Aqua Rafael Gonçalves-Araujo on field trip sends his greetings.

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Karen Timmermann. Foto: Andreas Frommelt
29 JUN

There’s no baseline—but think of a world with no people

The second interview under the ‘What is biodiversity?’ heading is with Professor Karen Timmermann—an expert on impacts of nutrients on  coastal waters, and a member of...

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Professor Einar Eg Nielsen, DTU Aqua
15 JUN

“The ones that thrive are the ones that grow up in the wild”

What is biodiversity? We talk to Professor and Population Geneticist Einar Eg about this in the first of a series of interviews with leading researchers in the field...

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Shells of different species of diatoms.  collected, cleaned, and arranged under the microscope by British biologist Klaus Kemp (section of original picture).
09 MAY

PhD defence about defence mechanisms in diatoms

On 19 May 2022, Josephine Grønning will defend her PhD thesis. It is possible to attend the defence at DTU in Lyngby or online.

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Færøerne Kick-off tur DTU Aqua North Atlantic Marine Research collaboration
11 MAR

​ North Atlantic Marine Research Projects kick-off in Torshavn

BlueOcean, led by DTU Aqua, is one of four projects receiving funding from The Marine Research Programme of the North Atlantic Ocean and involving DTU Aqua. Beginning...

Deployment of a remote underwater video system to monitor a reef restoration site in Flensborg Fjord. Photo: Casper Tybjerg (
26 JAN

PhD defence about restoration and monitoring of rocky reefs

On 9 February 2022, Tim Wilms from DTU Aqua will defend his PhD thesis. It is possible to attend the defence online.

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Sea trout. Photo: Niels Vestergaard,
10 DEC

Rocky reef to help sea trout in Lillebælt Nature Park

A new research project will investigate whether rocky reefs near a river mouth can support sea trout during their dangerous migration from freshwater to the sea.

Fisheries and fish stocks Coasts and harbours Ecosystems
Angler at coast. Photo: Colourbox
28 OCT

PhD defence about data collection from recreational fisheries through electronic...

On 10 November 2021, Casper Gundelund Jørgensen will defend his PhD thesis. The defence can be watched online.

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Trawlfiskeri. Foto: Øivind Berg
15 OCT

More sustainable fishing requires combined efforts

The new report ‘Environmental Friendliness and Ecological Sustainability of Danish Fisheries’ from DTU Aqua shows where there is plenty of room for improvement for fisheries...

Fisheries and fish stocks Climate adaptation Ecosystems
Directly observing predator-prey interactions is necessary to establish a mechanistic understanding of phytoplankton defenses. Photo and graphic work: Fredrik Ryderheim.
27 SEP

PhD defence about predator-induced phytoplankton defenses

On 7 October 2021, Fredrik Ryderheim will defend his PhD thesis. The defence is held at DTU in Lyngby and can be watched online.

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