Mark Payne

Mark Payne

Senior Researcher

National Institute of Aquatic Resources

Centre for Ocean Life

Technical University of Denmark

Charlottenlund Slot, Jægersborg Allé 1

2920 Charlottenlund

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Keywords Phenology | Climate variability | Climate Change | Recruitment

The Payne Lab - Impacts of Climate Change and Climate Variability on Life in the Ocean

Both climate change and climate variability impact marine organisms. However, these processes are often conflated both with each other, and with other  processes such as population dynamics and fishing. Our research focuses on trying to identify and separate these linkages from each other to understand the changes that have already occurred and to make predictions about what we can expect to see in the future. We focus on questions that are accessible and tractable, and have therefore worked across many layers of the food web (from plankton to top-predators),  species (herring to tuna), geographic regions (from the North Atlantic to the Caspian Sea) and scales (from the global ocean to region seas).

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