Foto Rafael Gonçalves-Araujo

News from The North

Wednesday 17 Aug 22


The Arctic carbon reservoir and rainy days at the North Pole - Postdoc from DTU Aqua Rafael Gonçalves-Araujo on field trip sends his greetings.

This month, we are pleased to send greetings and snapshots from the very north of our planet. It is Postdoc from DTU Aqua Rafael Gonçalves-Araujo who is currently exploring the Central Arctic Ocean and visiting the North Pole.

Rafael Gonçalves-Araujo participates in The Arctic Ocean cruise 2022, 19 July to 23 August, led by the Norwegian Polar Institute.

The research team reached the North Pole on July 28. Rafael Gonçalves-Araujo took advantage of the opportunity to take some pictures with the DTU logo on and send his greetings along with some more serious news from the North as he reports that it was quite different from what they had expected to find up there when they arrived:

“The temperature was surprisingly high, around 0 to +1, and there was a relatively large amount of water leads, which come from reduced sea-ice coverage, and on top of this it was even raining!”

Collecting new observations from the Amundsen and Nansen Basins

The Arctic Ocean cruise aims to collect new observations from the Amundsen and Nansen Basins needed for sustainable governance of the Arctic Ocean.

Rafael Gonçalves-Araujo joined the cruise to collect samples for analysis of dissolved organic matter, which will be used to provide information on distribution and dynamics of the major carbon reservoir in the Arctic Ocean, while assessing its suitability as a hydrographic tracer.

Photo: private