Rainbow trout. Photo: Anne Lykke.

Fish and Shellfish Diseases

DTU Aqua’s research into health and diseases in fish and shellfish focuses on supporting the prevention and control of diseases in fish, bivalves and crustaceans

The research area "Fish and shellfish diseases" was transferred from the National Veterinary Institute (DTU Vet) to DTU Aqua in 2018. 

The group conducts research on host-pathogen interactions, disease prophylaxis and pathogen characterization. The group gives research-based advice and is at the forefront on the development of diagnostic tools and preventive measures of diseases in fish, bivalves and crustaceans. 

Furthermore, DTU Aqua is appointed as the European Union reference laboratory for fish and crustacean diseases and is the OIE reference laboratory for the fish disease viral haemorrhagic septicaemia (VHS). OIE is the World Organisation for Animal Health. 




Research Leader
Head of Section
Britt Bang Jensen

Sustainable Development Goals

DTU Aqua's research into fish and shellfish diseases supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

SDG #14   UN Sustainable Development Goal #1

UN Sustainable Development Goal #2   UN Sustainable Development Goal #17