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BEng in Fisheries Technology

Fisheries Technology is a BEng programme aimed at graduates wishing to work as a fisheries engineer—with focus on the entire value chain from biological production of living resources over catching to processing and management of fish and shellfish.

A large part of the study programme takes place in Greenland. This allows for close collaboration between the fisheries industry, local communities, and ARTEK – Campus Sisimiut— where the first part of the study programme takes place—and for utilization of the special conditions offered by the Arctic climate. Here, impacts from climate change quickly make themselves felt on biological production and fisheries, while the effect of fishing operations on ecosystems is relatively long-term. This entails special challenges for fisheries technology and management.

However, the study programme is not only aimed at work in Arctic regions, and it can be used globally. The study programme focuses broadly on developing and ensuring a sustainable fisheries industry—socially, economically, and environmentally.

Please note that that the BEng programme is taught exclusively in Danish.

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