Master's programmes

DTU Aqua coordinates two of DTU's MSc programmes: Aquatic Science and Technology and Ocean Engineering

Aquatic Science and Technology

Aquatic Science and Technology is a two-year MSc programme focussing on aquaculture, fisheries, oceanography, and the management of aquatic resources. The study programme addresses the challenges associated with sustainable fisheries and aquaculture as well as maintenance of healthy ecosystems under changing environment.

The programme combines interdisciplinary knowledge on the functioning of aquatic ecosystems and living resources with quantitative mathematical and statistical skills and technological problem-solving tools. This provides the graduates with the competences to contribute to the solution of the global challenges of aquatic environment and food production. 

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Ocean Engineering

Ocean Engineering is a two-year MSc programme focussing on engineering skills for sustainable development of the blue economy. There is a growing need, both in Denmark and abroad, for expertise in maritime industries – off-shore energy, shipping, fisheries, marine spatial planning, and coastal engineering. 

Science-based engineering solution for sustainable blue growth requires an understanding of the physical and living components of the marine environment as well as the knowledge and skills to implement engineering solutions in a marine setting.

The programme is offered from 2023.

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